Computer Classes

(Due to Covid-19 we’re not able to offer new dates yet. We are working on providing these courses in the future again)

WAND would like to enhance women’s technological understanding by teaching them computer and software skills, to be able use the most popular applications and interactions.

Our aim is to improve women’s computer literacy skills, so that they are equipped to deal with the fast-moving, modern, digital world. With improved computer literacy skills, the women we have will bring their innovative ideas to the community.

The course is designed for people who have little or no experience in using computers. The purpose of the course is to introduce our women to the basic computing terms and features, to enable them to use a computer efficiently and safely.  

To gain the IT basics on a computer, we will start from the very beginning and always support our women with our team of friendly tutors! Come and learn!

Sample Course curriculum:

  • Starting to Use a Computer                         

  • Using Windows, Programs and Software

  • Exploring the Internet

  • Using an E-mail

  • Roads to wellbeing(click on for more information)