Who We Are:

WAND UK is a London-wide women’s charity that addresses the problems facing -women in isolated and excluded communities through outreach services and regular networking events. 

Each year WAND UK supports approximately 600 vulnerable women, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, lone parents, unemployed, and low-income families.  We aim to empower and improve the quality of life of the women we work with.

We connect our women and their families, to the community to give them a sense of place and purpose, ending the cycle of isolation, economic and social disadvantage giving them a voice in the community.

WAND UK offers its services in the London boroughs of Camden, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.

Who Are The Participants of The Project:

The project involves 8 organizations from 6 countries:

  • The Dom Foundation (Coordinating Organization-Poland),
  • Women’s Association Networking and Development (Great Britain)
  • Towarzystwo Wolnej Wszechnicy Polskiej Oddzial w Lublinie(Poland),
  • Comunitatea Armana din Romania – filiala Bucuresti (Romania),
  • Agape Social Cooperative Onlus (Italy),
  • Centro Provinciale Di Istruzione Per Adulti Nuoro (Italy),
  • Maison d’Afrique (Luxembourg),
  • Pancyprian Association of Single Parent Families and Friends (Cyprus),

Project Dates:

The project will run from November 1st , 2018 to October 31st , 2020.

About Project:

In the context of the European socio-economic crisis and an increased risk of social exclusion, one of the most important tasks of social policy towards adults and the elderly / disabled is to promote personal skills, create conditions for implementation and strengthen personal attitudes. The problems identified in this project are the result of the analysis carried out with the partners during the meeting in Warsaw. Living in different realities, we all agreed that we need to include a group of weak individuals in society. The goal of this project is to define, exchange and implement good practices to include them.

Project Aim:

Project aim is investigating and implementing at least 1-2 new approaches towards the inclusion of people in danger of social exclusion from partners’ organizations of different scope, suitable to implement in their everyday work and for benefit of their beneficiaries.

Expected Outcomes:

Expected outcomes of project will be: reports, all materials collected for “The Guide of Good Practice”, events video and videos of success stories of our participants.


Results of the project will be integration of participants of the project (professionally or socially) good practice exchange during the meetings, English language improvement, internationalization of the activities of organizations participating in the project and the possibility of establishing a network of organizations permanently cooperating with each other after the end of the project.

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