Domestic Violence Support

We know that women across London are experiencing domestic abuse right now. Whatever form violence comes in, from rape and trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, we work to end it. We all know escaping violence can be the hardest thing to ever do. WAND UK is working to build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

We are here to support and encourage women not to suffer in silence!

What is Domestic Violence?

“Domestic abuse is chronically underreported to service providers but British Crime Survey data suggest that one in four women and around one in six men will be affected in their lifetime.”

“As such domestic abuse constitutes a public health issue of pandemic proportions.”

Conventional definition

  • Being afraid of your partner​
  • Living in constant threats of violence​
  • Physical violence​
  • Sexual violence​
  • Financial abuse​
  • Emotional abuse​
  • Isolation​
  • Loss of life​

Who is affected? 

Abusive relationships cross all social boundaries – ANYONE can be affected.(Men and women of all ages, Children, young people, people with and without disabilities, with and without mental health issues…)​

What are the impacts of the victim?

It is now generally recognised that experiencing domestic violence and abuse is associated with mental health problems including anxiety and depression

WAND UK conducted research, with the support of the Refugee Council, among BAMER women, to understand the challenges these women face. It was understood that there are several barriers which hinder these women from talking about Domestic Violence or accessing services. These include:

  • Fear of stigma in the community​
  • Letting the family down​
  • Fear of Social services taking the children​
  • Lack of Immigration status​
  • Lack of knowledge of services​
  • Lack of trust​
  • Cultural differences​.

This project aims to encourage positive communication within families and as a preventative measure help BAMER women and families to deal with family break down and domestic violence, managing family conflict. and building positive family relationships.

What services we offer:

We work in Domestic Violence- Building Positive Family Relationships, Mental Health, and Sexual Health providing training, education, information, advice, advocacy support, Outreach campaigns in communities on how to disclose suffering by accessing services and promoting access to services

We want to help women and young girls who affected Domestic Violence. We offer them Mental Health Support and Telephone Befriending for Domestic Violence.

We discuss Domestic Violence in our Happy Healthy Family Club and Young Girls Projects to broaden knowledge and understanding on this topic. Talking in these sessions may allow women and girls to open up to their own experience with domestic violence.

We support Domestic violence survivors in Refuges with 1 to 1 multilingual, multicultural emotional and practical support.

We help in building survivor’s confidence and raising self-esteem, to become agents for their own change, improving their quality of life and hence their families.

COVID -19 domestic abuse support services provision

We want to re-assure you that our services are still running in these challenging times. We are currently delivering our One to One service via phone.

We understand the additional challenges women are facing right now while in lockdown. If you already receive support from us this will continue. We are offering phone calls regularly to our service users and keeping a close eye on the issues that are arising, putting in place structures and processes to monitor the service we are providing.

If you are in immediate danger please call the Police on 999.

If you, or someone you know, is afraid or worried about domestic abuse, support is available, you can use our referral online system or contact us on Mobile: 0781 348 5607 or email You can also contact us using the online form on the website click here.

Support our work:

It is vital that women who have been abused have access to mental health support for their emotional wellbeing. We provide our services for free, but as a charity we rely on donations and grants to fund our work.

Any support you could offer at this time would be massively appreciated


Useful links to other organisations:

Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline:

0808 2000 247
or visit 

(access live chat Mon-Fri 3-10 pm)