Date:    Every 1st Thursday and 3rd Friday of the month


Time:   Thursday:  11.00am to 2.00pm

              Friday:        2.00pm-5.00pm


Venue:  The Curve 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP

Very important to know:

– Required to wear face masks or face shields  and to bring own towels




For more information please contact us on Mobile: 0781 348 5607 or email

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WAND UK is inviting you to our Online Yoga Classes

We maintain a peaceful state of mind
during our unstable conditions.
Although, our mind is equipped
to balance our pleasant external
conditions to maintain
a well-balance life.

Sessions’ schedule:

Mondays, Mums and kids
5.15-5.45 pm
* Tuesdays, Women (Adults only)
10:00 – 11:00,
* Wednesdays, Women (Adults only)
6.00-7.00 pm
*Thursdays, Women (Adults only)
5:30 -6:30
*Everyday Yoga in Italian:
5:00 pm Kids and 4:00 pm adults

Please register with us to book you place:

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WAND UK is inviting you to join our free virtual dancing program

It’s every Wednesday at via Zoom

Our aim:

  • Better you

  • Free of stress

  • Having fun

  • Loosing weight

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • Reduced isolation

If you are interested or know someone that
would like to join our free dance classes
please register with us to book your place!!

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For inquiries, you may contact us at 0781 348 5607, or email us at

WAND UK is inviting you to its FREE online laughing yoga sessions from 30th of July 2020. Come and join us!!!

Our Aim: Bring women together
laughing during Covid-19!
Feel great and connected with
each other!
Improve both physical and
emotional wellbeing!
Boost your immune system /

When: Every Thursday

Time: 2.30 – 3.00pm

Where: Zoom

Teacher: John Hipkiss

(Laughing John)

Please click HERE to register and book your place!!

or just call 0781 348 5607


Grenfell: 3rd Year Anniversary Event:

WAND UK understand the impact of self-isolation on mental health and general wellbeing for all of us :

To help people maintain their own wellbeing WAND UK is offering free online yoga programme.
We want to help everyone in these difficult times by:

• Reducing stress/ anxiety
• Keeping physically active
• Reducing isolation and increasing social connections – Lessen the risk of depression
• Creating a better balance with our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

We are offering three types of session:

1.  Adult’s only – online yoga three times a week on Tuesdays at 10-11am Wednesdays at 6-7pm and Thursdays at 5.30-6.30pm.

2.  Mums and kids – online yoga once a week on Mondays at 5.15-5.45pm

3.  Italian speaking – online yoga every day for adults at 4pm and mums and kids at 5pm.

For more information and to register please email us on

WAND UK is inviting you to its FREE laughter yoga sessions at The small Chapel from 24 February 2020. Come and join us!!!

This is our latest upcoming event on the 14th February 2020. Please call us to secure your place!


New Computer Classes for Beginners

Starting on the 7th of October 2019. 4 Weeks Course.

Every Monday from 11.00am to 1.00pm.

WAND UK will start a new series of computer classes at St. Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing to help you to gain a very strong IT basics on computer always supported by our team of friendly tutors! Come and Join us!
It’s £1.50 per session each!
Limited spaces call and book your place!!!
Call us on Tlf: 0208 962 4132 Mobile: 0781 348 5607. Or email us on


Coming Soon

Do you want to learn a new skill or have a friend that wants to learn something new? WAND has a new in-house online courses which you can complete with the help of our friendly tutor.

The courses will be start on Friday 27th September at 11 am and it has a duration of 2 hours. Cilem will be there to assist you throughout the course if you need any technical help. Please let us if you would like to participate as we have to allocate resources.

Limited spaces call and book your place!!!
Call us on Tlf: 0208 962 4132 Mobile: 0781 348 5607. Or email us on