Online Zoom Dance sessions with AnaE

To help our women maintain their wellbeing, positive attitudes and reduce isolation and stress, WAND UK is offering free online dance sessions every Wednesday at 11 am. We have a weekly attendance of 10-12 people.

About our instructor AnaE

I have had passion for dancing and exercise since I began to walk. I absolutely love teaching Zumba classes and seeing the progress in others. Every class feels like a party, while getting fitter and healthier. I am a licensed Zumba teacher since November 2019.

The benefits of dance

  • Dancing really does lift your spirits (diminish depression) and reduces stress.

  • If you are nervous about falling as you get older, some dance lessons might help you to get better balance and ease your worries. Studies have shown that tango dancing can improve balance in aging adults. Dancing requires a lot of fast movement and good posture, so frequent dancing will help you stabilize and gain better control of your body.

  • Weekly dance program could improve physical performance and increase energy levels among adults.

  • A dance class is the perfect setting to make new friends and branch out socially.

Maintaining positive relationships may just rank up there with healthy eating and exercise. Being socially engaged leads to increased happiness, reduced stress, and a stronger immune system.


Nilay: Dancing makes me happy and it lifts my spirit up. I find many dancing movements under Zumba classes are the best. Especially low impact is suitable for my age group. I also like challenge and join high impact as well.

In Covid-19 lock down online dancing movement and Zumba kept me going. I am grateful for that.

Merilyn: It was great makes my body to be active the whole day and feel happy. I feel so glad when I see other participants dancing together, it helped me feel less isolated.

Anastassia: The sessions made staying at home and lockdown bearable and definitely bring a breath of fresh air to the week.

If you are interested or know someone that would like to join our free dance classes, please register with us to book your place!! Click here to register.

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