Online Zoom Yoga Sessions with Ilaria

During this uncertain and unprecedented time, WAND UK has continued the Young Girls Project through weekly Zoom yoga sessions.

Our youth worker, Ilaria, is a qualified yoga teacher, with experience in teaching in primary and secondary schools, as well as in youth clubs. Ilaria has been running online yoga classes since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown and continues to do so post lockdown.

What to expect from our online yoga sessions?

Our online yoga classes cover our main aims and objectives; to promote keeping healthy, with regular physical activity, increase emotional well-being and confidence in our participants. When the session begins, while people are joining, participants discuss tips on healthy eating and keeping active. Ilaria may give some practical tips on which foods she finds nutritional. Participants share three things which they are grateful for. This is followed by a short mindfulness exercise, where uplifting words are paired with breaths. Positive thinking is also encouraged through visualisations. The body and mind harmony are the natural outcomes of the practise, so we always work on mindfulness techniques, in addition to the physical exercise. Through our sessions stress is released, acceptance of oneself is achieved and therefore, peace abides. 

Our sessions run every day to accommodate different needs and we have a weekly attendance of 40 people. Originally, the yoga sessions were only offered to young mothers but now we have extended the session to the whole family. It is very important to us at WAND UK that we do not discriminate against males and therefore, the sessions are open to all. 

Feedback from our sessions 

Some amazing feedback has been given by Nancy (mother of two) who describes the sessions to be the “highlight of the day.” Families have mentioned that the bond in the family has been strengthened by the yoga routine. While, some elderly participants refer to other participants as their “new sister.” The feedback from the sessions has been so positive we have decided to continue the classes, contacting more schools and youth clubs to widen participation. The advantage of online teaching is that there is no limit to attendance, people abroad can join and there is a reduction in travel costs to venues. This allows more hours of effective teaching.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga has been proven, by various studies, to positively improve mental health. In addition, breathing techniques used in the sessions focus on relaxation and increasing focus. During this uncertain time of Covid-19, it has been beneficial to offer this project online so that young people and families have connection with others outside their households. Many face worries and concerns during this period and therefore, yoga and breathwork are tools to deal with these anxieties. 

Please contact if you are interested in joining our sessions. We welcome all!